Table Clock




– Best of the Best – Interior Design Elements – Red Dot Design Award 2020

– Bronze – Home interior products/ Interior decoration – European Product Design Award (EPDA) 2019

– Bronze – Office Equipment/ Desk accessories – European Product Design Award (EPDA) 2019

– Runner up – A’ design award and competition 2018-19



The induction of a mysterious sense of weightlessness and suspension of the fourth dimension of that time. This clock consists of two parts. A suspended sphere that is the symbol of the universe, and a ring around it that symbolizes the gateway of time. The ring, illuminates the clock hand light on the sphere, and also makes magnetic field to keep the ball in the air. Ball is also suspended in the air, and displayed the clock hand light on itself as clock time. The sense of suspension of time.

Unique properties/ Project description:

In terms of form and Functionally, the Magnetime varies with all other clocks and is arranged as a hovering ball in the air without any support and only with the help of a magnetic suspension system. The clock hands do not have physical appearance and are positioned in the form of light on a magnetic ball and display the clock. Induced sense of suspension and Weightlessness and have sense of mysterious fourth dimension (time). Aesthetically, the form is very simple, attractive and emotional.


The ring creates the magnetic field is inside itself. By placing a magnetic ball within it, the ball floats in the air. Now, to set up the clock, open the Magnetime app, which is already installed on the mobile device, and set the time in it. This app is connected to the product by Wi-Fi and transmits your set time to it. Based on the set time, some LEDs from light bar of ring lit for that time, and illuminates the light clock hands in that part of the sphere, thus showing time on the sphere.

Production/ Realization technology:

The ring and the sphere is made of matte plastic. In bottom of inside of the sphere there is a magnet that lower part has a similar pole with the inner pole of the magnetic field of the ring, so they repel each other, so the sphere is suspended in the air. In a round of the inner part of the ring, the light bar consists of 60 rows that each row has 3 LEDs that by turning on each row and LED/s after previous row and showing the clock hand lights on the sphere, time moves to front in this loop.

Research abstracts:

Aesthetic is one of the important pillars of today human life, and the promotion of the beauty and function of products is also one of the challenges of today designers. According to this challenge and also considering the importance of the time and effort of some clock designers to Inducing this importance to their users, Elham Mirzapour decided to design a new table clock with a special look at the clock. That in addition to its beauty and function, can better inspire the mysterious sense of time.


According to the research part, her challenge for designing a watch is the new form and shape of the clock with the help of new technologies, so she can better convey the concept of time and sense of suspension of time and the fourth dimension to the user. Magnetime is beyond the time display. It reminds you of the mysterious of time, by each time you look at the clock.