Record player


2018/ 2019


– Silver – Media and home electronics/ Electric appliance – European Product Design Award (EPDA) 2019

– Silver – Media and home electronics/ Video and audio equipment – European Product Design Award (EPDA) 2019



This product is inspired by Saturn planet, its rings, and the moon (Titan). The main body, such as the Saturn, is spherical. On the body, a speaker has been designed to inspire one of Saturn’s hurricanes (exaggerated).Rotating the disc, rolling the music and moving the orange Titan (the needle) on the disc, depicts the rotation of Saturn’s amazing rings along with its moon around the planet.Saturn is a symbol of rotation, beautiful and silent dance in the darkness of the infinity of the galaxy.


The product is simplified as much as possible. Inspired by the Saturn planet, when it plays music and rotates the disc, a sense of suspension is brought to the user with relaxation. The emotional connection between the user and the product, also the simplicity of the form are the strengths of this product. Saturn is designed with a new and different look in the form, function, and component layout of the same products. The center of gravity and the needle arm drive motor in the center.


To use the Saturn, first remove the upper half of the sphere, and then place the disk on the disk holding position, and then place the upper hemisphere again on the product. Then put the needle on the disk. pressing the Power button and then the Play button, the disc starts to rotate and is read by the Titan (needle) on the disc and the music is played from the speaker on the upper hemisphere of product.


It has two engines, one of them is in the upper half of the body (sphere) and moves the needle arm and the other motor is in the lower part of the product and drives the disk. At the junction of two hemispheres, the body has a conductive material and it is a steel metal to establish a connection between two parts.


The body of the product is spherical, divided into two upper and lower parts. The upper part includes speaker, needle, needle arm motor and power buttons (on and off), play and pause, stop and sound volume (up and down). The underside of the product also includes a disk holder and a disk drive motor.Product sphere radius is 60 mm.Disk holder radius is 160 mm.Titan radius is 12 mm.


According to researches, some products such as music players need to be emotional for more connection with users. It is very important that the user has an emotional and memorable experience when using this product. So Elham Mirzapour decided to design a record player by using simple elements and stories to make emotional form and experience. So Elham designed the Saturn.


According to the results of research part, Elham Mirzapour tried to design a record player that looks more emotional and have memorable emotional experiences and has a creativity in usage story for users. Also in addition to design, Elham Mirzapour is the promoter of astronomy and she had amazing experiences of observations of the Saturn planet, and she decided to share this experience to others by designing the Saturn record player.